Air-Tel© Adjudication System Features

Air-tel Endpoint & AE Adjudication System

Endpoint adjudication made easy

Adverse Events and endpoints can be inherently complex. For this reason, reliable and simple to use tools are needed to help the team in the complex adjudication process.
Airtel© Adjudication System is made for this: assist you in making a difficult task easy.

Immediate adjudications insights

Simple and intuitive interface

Air-Tel Adjudication system mantains the typical Air-Tel intuitive and easy to use interface. With few cliks by Adjudicators and Final Adjudicator(s) every single event can be easly reviewed and adjudicated. This can happen automatically (everytime the matching rules are fulfilled and calculated by the system) or manually (every time there is any disagreement between adjudicators and the Superuser has to validate one decision upon others).
Every action is fully traced and project-tailored rules are in place to allow or block changes to the judgement.

Study-tailored user profiles and matching rules

Adjudication systems are craft-made to comply with internal and regulatory rules, which may differ from client to client or from country to country.
From 2 up to 6 independent Adjudicators and 1 or more Final Adjudicator(s) can independently interact with the system giving their responses after examining all relevant data and documents.

Any number of read-only authorised users can oversee the progressing tasks, while special 'discussion' and 'further review' rooms can be created to deal with difficult or interesting cases.
Helping Adjudicators and Supervisors
Easy Team Management

Adjudicators team assigned on a single-event basis

Final Adjudicator(s) or Safety Study Manager can assign Adjudicators to any single event picking from a drop-down list of available personnel, helped by algorithms which automatically balance the workload and ensures omogeneity between Sites and Patients. This can enhance the quality of the adjudication activity reducing potential biases.

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