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An organisation capable of communicating ...

As the meeting point between clinical and IT competences, Air-Tel bases its know-how on more than 10 years of operational experience with Clinicians.
Our staff have consistenlty interacted with Advisory Boards and Opinion Leaders to create the instruments which have generated successful projects in numerous therapeutic areas such as Cardiology, Infectious Diseases, Endocrinology and Hepatology.
The ability to understand and turn the needs of Researchers into a logical inflow of data allows Air-Tel staff to be one step ahead.

Interface optimization (Draft)
The added value of Air-Tel becomes clear at the first planning stages of a new e-CFR.
The cycle of Draft proposals and refinement, performed by an ever widening circle of professional figures involved in a clinical study, leads to a project that guarantees both high usability and a logical approach which safeguards data quality (making it impossible to collect inconsistent or contradictory information).
This strategy keeps the entire work group involved in the design of the final interface thereby avoiding any unpleasant surprises.

Speed in Production and Flexibility
The Air-Tel e-CFRs are drawn up in a short period of time (a few weeks).They are extremely flexible allowing for minor or major amendments to be made as is required. Amendments can be made, validated and published without interruption of the service.

Discreet and Effective Remote Monitor
Should study sponsor require it, Air-Tel data monitoring professionals will be available to solve scientific problems and to keep regular contacts with Clinicians to encourage Study Compliance. This is done with via e-mail or telephone.

High Performing Data Management
Air-Tel staff is trained to get the most of e-tools present in each e-CFR and personalise them with a set of specific tests for each clinical study. The rate of incoming data and its coherence is constantly verified online and any inconsistencies can be easly queried and corrected in GCP. Top quality data can be achieved in very brief time frames.
Air-Tel has been included in the AIFA list for Data Monitoring and Data Management services.

Respect of Quality Standards to Guarantee Watertight Results
Air-Tel staff operates according to GCPs and UNI EN ISO 9000-2008 Quality Managing Systems for strategic activities: e-CRF Development, Database Management, IT Security Management.
All clinical data is collected and clearly documented at every step (input, amendments, validation). This enables the data to meet the Quality Control requirements in order to be accepted by international journals fo their original publications.

Immediate and Expert Assistance
Anexcellent IT tool is only a part of what is needed to guarantee its use by clinicians. All-round customer service is also essential.
Air-Tel staff guarantee a dedicated telephone line which enables Researchers, as well as Monitors or Data Managers, to speak directly and quickly (three rings) to staff with the specific technical and clinical competences.

More than 94% of issues are addressed 'while on the phone'.

Assistance is provided in three languages: Italian, English and French.