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Some of the technical choices made throughout the years have proven highly successful and ensure that all Air-Tel e-CRFs are always accessible, fast and reliable.

Accessible from any current and future telecommunication device (PC, iPad, SmartPhone) Standard HTML language is used to guarantee access to Air-Tel CRFs via any enabled device with no additional software or plug-ins.

Optimized for quick response with limited bandwidth or obsolete computers.
The response time is extremely important in e-CRFs. For this reason the Air-Tel system avoids sending large files and client instructions which may 'stress' the resources of the computer used.

Reliable and secure transmission of sensitive data: certified and safe protocols.
Air-Tel CRFs use standard banking security protocols (HTTPS, SSL 3 with 128-256 bit encryption)

Traceability and Complete History of all Data
Thanks to a Tracking Table all activities, input and amendments, are recorded and the complete history of the piece of data can be reconstructed. A second table records any change made to the database (removal of a form or an entire CRF).

Mobile Integration (SMS/MMS)
It is possible to send alerts or reminders (via SMS or MMS) to clinicians and to the Clinical Study Monitors thanks to integration with current mobile telephony.

Direct management of hardware and software
Clinical data is saved on certified and secure servers located in the Air-Tel owned Web farm. Regular backup run on private lines and Servers installed in two separate buildings guarantee maximum security and redundancy.