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As the meeting point between clinical and IT competences, Air-Tel bases its know-how on more than 10 years of operational contacts with Clinicians.
Our staff have consistently interacted with Advisory Boards and Opinion ...

Clinicians 'adopt' an e-CRF when this meets certain prerequisites, e.g. the input process does not require complex technicalities or more 'effort' than the minimum necessary for the input of the Experimental data...


Some of the technical choices made throughout the years have proven highly successful and ensure that all Air-Tel e-CRFs are always accessible, fast and reliable...


The real utility of an e-CRF in reducing the costs of a clinical trial is to increment in a timely fashion, the efficiency and quality of data gathered. This depends on a crucial factor: the effective use by Research Investigators. For this reason, it is important to gather the opinions and insights of those who have used the system. At Air-Tel, we are particularly proud of what Research Investigators tell us about our software and our services. more